Everyone in pink! Breast Cancer Awareness Day in Tahaddi

The women of the community celebrated breast cancer awareness month at the Tahaddi Community Health Center. It was a festive day, with

It's never too late to learn how to read

Noura, the cleaning lady of the education center is reviewing her letters with one of our older youth at recess time. Her adult literacy course

Talking trash!

Tahaddi students took part in a program focused on life skills sponsored by SKOUN, a Lebanese NGO working to prevent substance abuse.

Who knew worms could be so fascinating?

Our adolescent girls group enjoyed a trip to the Silk Museum in Bsous, just outside Beirut. They were so impressed by what they learnt and

Trip to the past...

Our children come from some of the most deprived upbringings, yet they took much interest in the history of Lebanon.

And yes, we are


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