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Case management and counseling program

Families who are most at-risk socially or medically are actively followed through our case management program. Social workers offer counseling, home-visits, limited financial support and referral to other service providers.

Throughout the week, we offer various psycho-social activities such as recreational meetings for adolescent girls, play time for young children and support groups for women.

Although Tahaddi has been responding to the Syrian crisis and providing practically for the needs of Syrian families coming to our centers, most
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Refugee Relief Program

Lebanon has now the highest concentration of refugees of any country in the world. Daily, families, mainly coming from Syria, are flooding the area of Hay el Gharbeh in search of affordable rent.

Families receive several types of assistance such as mattresses, blankets, clothing, fans etc. but also financial medical and education help. We distribute monthly over 200 food vouchers to the most vulnerable families.

Our social workers orientate the displaced families to other service providers including the
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Prison Support Program

Tahaddi provides weekly visits to women in prison through its chaplaincy services, offering moral and spiritual encouragement, a link to families and friends outside through mails or phone calls as well as needed supplies.

We focus heavily, although not exclusively, on foreign women who are isolated from their families and support systems. Our aim is to bring comfort to these women through visiting and caring for their needs.

Clothes Distribution

Tahaddi distributes used clothing and household items. With many refugee families often forced to escape with literally only the clothes on their back and few essentials they could carry, these services have become increasingly needed. Donations of seasonally appropriate clothing and household items are welcome.


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