How Tahaddi Gave a Woman the Chance at Literacy!

While most of the students at Tahaddi’s education center are children, we also run three popular adult literacy programs in the mornings and afternoons: Arabic, English, and Computer literacy. One of our students, a Syrian woman named Sawsan, began taking Arabic literacy classes with us three years ago. Today she continues to take Arabic courses at TEC, but acts as the assistant to Ms. Hanadi, the Arabic educator. She told us recently how this educational opportunity has changed her life:

“I never went to school, my father wouldn’t let me. He forced me to get married at 11 years old. I was a grandmother by age 28. I wanted to be able to walk in the streets and understand the signs and things written in shops. The first time I wrote on the board in the literacy class at Tahaddi I was shaking and could not hold back my tears because I finally had the chance to learn how to read and write. I thank God for Tahaddi and I thank God for Ms. Hanadi and her patience with me. Tahaddi has been a blessing in my life.”

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