Community in Action!

Community work is truly team work. Neighbors, students and patients from the Tahaddi centers often act as advocates for other community members; calling our attention to high-risk situations, and giving generously of their time and money to support others.

Recently two of TEC’s older students came to us, asking that we visit a young girl named Layal living in very harsh conditions. We went on a home visit and discovered that this seven-year-old was living quite in isolation in a windowless room with no running water while her elderly father – her only relative – rummaged through garbage to find items of value to sell.

We learned that Layal was not going to school, as her father could not pay the fees requested by a neighborhood school. Our team worked with her father to arrange her enrollment at Tahaddi Education Center. Layal’s face lit up when she found out she would get to come every day and learn. She came the very next day nearly an hour early, she was so excited to go to class, and she has not missed a day yet!

In another recent instance, a community member called the health team late one evening to ask for advice on how to help a 12 year old boy who had had a bad eye injury while at work. He had been taken to a number of emergency rooms, but had not been able to receive treatment.

The health team arranged for him to see an ophthalmologist, who has generously supported Tahaddi patients time and time again, the next morning. The child’s eye was successfully operated on at the lowest possible cost. Neighbors spent much of the day with his family, comforting and encouraging them. It really does take a compassionate and committed ‘village’ to see change.

March 31, 2017

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