A Cultural Outing!

One of the purposes of our non-formal education center is to expose children to a wide range of cultural experiences. Recently we took over 60 older children, aged 10 to 13, on an outing to MACAM (Modern and Contemporary Art Museum) where they listened attentively to the fascinating explanations given by MACAM founder, Mr. Cesar Nammour.

They also enjoyed the walk into nature, the modelling workshop, and the wide range of sculptures and art to which they were introduced inside the museum.

We all appreciated the generosity of both Cesar and Gabriela as well as the dedication of MACAM's staff. The children returned home having experienced a multi-sensorial and cultural outing they will not forget! One of the older students, Mayssa, said, "What I liked is that they allowed us to touch the different materials used in the sculptures."

One poignant installation was of traditional Lebanese brooms positioned in front of papers filled with negative words. As the children read through the papers, they said "We want to sweep away war and violence!"

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